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Venture Capital Fund Program (VCFP®)

...your pathway to sustainable prosperity

CAPIS Venture Capital Fund Program (VCFP®) is a business support service that provides you with an opportunity to start and grow your business. Enrolling for this service gives you seamless access to a lifetime of business and financial advisory support, which includes business plan and business modelling development, market research, business strategy development, business registration, support with personnel recruitment, business setup and much more. Our business advisory service is packaged with the provision of capital for you to either start or grow your business.

Our commitment to the success of your business is only matched by your commitment to your personal success.

At CAPIS, our product is CAPITAL and our value-added service is sound financial advice and guidance.


Besides living the life of your dreams, our Venture Capital Fund Program is a sure path to attaining financial freedom. It gives you the ability not only to create wealth for yourself but also for generations to come.

At CAPIS we don't just provide you with the means to become a business owner and an employer of labour; we also instill in you the capacity to succeed.

A combination of our international standard entrepreneurial training sessions and our Entrepreneurship Social Network (ESN) platform, which enables the establishment of business synergies and partnership, prepares you for excellence as a successful entrepreneur.

Features of the VCFP

  • Startup Business Capital
  • Growth (expansion) Capital
  • Lifetime Free financial and investment advisory service
  • Entrepreneurship capacity building
  • Entrepreneurship Social Network (ESN)
  • Premium Partnership to increase your start-up capital up to Ten Million Naira

Start-Up Business Capital

Our VCFP service gets you up to One Million Naira in seed capital to start your own business after a moratorium period of 5 years. The entire start-up process of your business including business registration, recruitment, business account opening and even the commencement of operations, will be facilitated by CAPIS Venture Capital Department (VCD).

We don't just provide capital; we make sure you succeed.

Growth (expansion) Capital

As a CAPIS entrepreneur, you will have access to expansion capital when your business performs optimally. Growth capital comes in form of single digit, medium term loans facilitated by CAPIS.

Lifetime Free financial and investment advisory service

Our Venture Capital Department offers CAPIS entrepreneurs free financial and investment advisory service for life. We will never let you walk alone.

Entrepreneurship Capacity Building

An essential feature of the VCFP is the periodic entrepreneurship capacity building session. This session provides meaningful and practical instructions on how to build an entrepreneurial business, using proven systems and corporate governance structures. These capacity building sessions can be attended onsite or online. Enrollees can also download resource materials for offline study.

Entrepreneurship Social Network (ESN)

Our ESN offers VCFP enrollees a platform for social interaction towards building strong and lasting business synergies.

Premium Partnership and Super Pact

Both options offer enrollees the opportunity to create business partnerships and increase seed capital up to fifty million naira.


Anyone from age 13 and above is qualified to subscribe to the VCFP. The following categories of persons stand to benefit maximally from subscribing to this service. They are secondary school students, undergraduates, graduates, apprentices and trainees.


With the uncertainties of the economy and the increasing rate of unemployment, the future of secondary school students cannot be well defined. CAPIS chose to fit this young category of individuals into its Venture Capital Program by letting them enroll now and secure a future of financial independence.

The VCFP provides more than enough capital for current secondary school students to start a business in the nearest future. They will not be left to handle the business alone. Financial and business advisory support will be made available to them. Students can be assured that whatever the future holds, promising or not, success for them is guaranteed.

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Every undergraduate anticipates the day of graduation with the hope of securing a great job. Craving the security of paid employment is the norm but as reality will have it, the chances of having such dream come true are very slim.

The current situation of things requires that one plans based on deliberate steps and actions that will bring about an assured outcome. Subscribing to our VCFP guarantees that your financial future will be bright. The fee is a token. The platform is an oasis of fantastic opportunities. Take that step and subscribe now.

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As a graduate, you may be considering starting a business as a result of the problem of unemployment and under-employment or perhaps you are an individual passionate about starting a business. We are here to help you start and grow that business. And we do it by providing capital without attaching any interest burden. In addition, we provide financial and business advisory to help your business scale.

Individuals who will end up being successful, anticipate opportunities like this. Leveraging our retail venture capital service today would open that door of financial independence and sustainable prosperity. Subscribe now.

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Every year tens of thousands of apprentices in the fields of Mechanic, Welding, Hair Saloon Operators, Tailoring, etc, are left despondent for lack of start-up capital to launch their own practice. Don't let this be your case. As you set out to train in one informal skill or the other, spare a token and subscribe to our VCFP today. You can secure your future; subscribe today!

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Yes, you! The VCFP is not only for the above categories. Because we provide start-up and expansion capital for both prospective and existing small business owners, anyone can benefit from this service. Remember, we don't just provide funding only. Ours is a full bouquet of financial advisory services and an entrepreneurial social network platform that promotes business synergies between individuals who complement one another.

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