Private Equity Service

Our Private Equity Service


As providers of private equity we seek to invest in existing business endeavours needing expansion capital to grow. We are typically interested in owning equity in companies that promote novel technology or business models especially in high technology industries and IT. Our private equity fund is also targeted at early-stage, high-potential, and hyper-growth companies. We also provide expertise such as technical, legal and marketing.

Providing investment capital for expansion in the form of private equity equates buying into the beneficiary company or business. The percentage equity owned by CAPIS in this process is often commensurate with the volume of fresh capital so injected and the projected growth and expansion impact.

Does your company or business have the potential for massive growth but in dire need of fresh capital to make such growth possible? Are you in the high technology industry requiring huge capital outlay to release your potential for geometric growth? Are you an early-stage high-potential and hyper-growth company needing fresh capital and technical, legal and marketing expertise?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions then feel confident to CONTACT US and book an appointment with one of our Executives. Take action today!.