Our Mission/Vision

... here is what we are going and the future that we see


Creating an ecosystem for sustainable financing and accessible capital.


To become a multi-sectoral investment holding conglomerate, expanding capital for sustainable financing.


At CAPIS, we don't just provide financial solutions that will boost your business and improve your investment life, anybody can do that:

  • We touch and impact many people's lives - both directly and indirectly.
  • We help people in business foster the entrepreneurial spirit, make more money and employ more people.
  • We help people achieve breakthrough and grow personally and professionally.
  • We empower people to help others grow. We are proud of what we do because we make a difference to people's lives.


Members of the CAPIS team are expected to understand and work by our values, which we hope will become your personal values too:

  • We are honest in our dealings
  • We work hard for fair rewards
  • We give before we get in life
  • We seek to understand the other person before needing to be understood ourselves
  • We are proactive, not reactive
  • We strive to learn something new everyday
  • We offer a constructive solution when we complain
  • We are not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them
  • We correct our mistakes and learn from them
  • We make a commitment to our results and our future
  • We set clear goals before beginning a task
  • We choose to over-communicate rather than under-communicate
  • We ask good questions of ourselves and others to get good answers
  • We know our future rewards and success are directly linked to the actions and commitment we make today