KCT Service

Kids Capital Trust (KCT) Service

...the surest way to secure your child's tomorrow, today

CAPIS Kids Capital Trust (KCT) provides parents a unique and seamless opportunity to lay a strong financial foundation for their children. With a onetime, affordable and flexible set-up capital your child can own a multimillion naira Capital Trust Fund by the time they turn 21. Parents have the freedom to choose between Basic, Classic and Platinum plans. KCT Basic has a lower entry cost, basic healthcare plan and comes with all standard features that the KCT is known for. Classic and Platinum plans have a higher entry cost inclusive of standard features, substantially higher final value and intermediate and comprehensive healthcare plans respectively. The KCT is for children from age zero to seven.

Enrolment cost for the KCT is N250,000, N500,000 and N1,000,000 for Basic, Classic and Platinum respectively. The final value of the KCT is dependent on the plan and the age at which the child was enrolled. The high the plan and the earlier a child is enrolled the higher the final value at maturity, which is the child's twenty first birthday. The variation in final value can be from N2.5 Million to N36.8 Million


  • A convenient one time starting capital
  • Fund secured through low risk investment
  • Healthcare plan
  • Optional Financial and Investment Advisory service at maturity
  • Optional Credit and seed capital facility
  • Stable financial foundation
  • Flexible payment plan
  • A secure personal profile (account) on CAPIS service portal
  • Optional Credit and seed capital facility
  • Access to account via user friendly mobile app

Convenient One Time Starting Capital

One desirable feature of the Kids Capital Trust (KCT) is the convenience of making a once only financial commitment. Once the KCT is set up you don't have to worry about bearing any further financial burden. All that is left for you to do is to watch the value of the KCT grow and be assured that your child or ward will begin life as a young adult on a stable financial foundation. This feature gives the KCT a unique advantage over insurance policies requiring regular premium settlement and custodian savings account, which demands your continuous allocation of scarce financial resources.

Security of Fund Through Low Risk Investments

Through our system of economies of scale we are able to cumulatively build the KCT starting capital into an appreciable investable capital. To achieve over thirty percent returns per annum the investable capital is primarily invested in CAPIS real sector subsidiary investments. A fixed percentage of retained profit is then funneled into the Capital Trust Fund (CTF) year on year. At the secondary investment stage the pool of fund in the CTF is invested in low risk fixed income securities. Due to the long term nature of the Trust (between fourteen and twenty years), this rate of return and the concomitant low level of risk are adequate for the Trust to perform optimally. Our guiding philosophy is safety of funds before profit.

Healthcare Plan

This feature of the KCT allows the beneficiary to enjoy basic and comprehensive healthcare plan for the KCT Basic and KCT Classic respectively. The healthcare plan becomes effective once the KCT has subsisted for a minimum of fifty percent of its total tenor or life span. Parents will receive notification to activate their child's healthcare plan once they qualify.

Optional Financial Advisory Services at Maturity

Upon maturity of the Trust the beneficiary can choose to exercise their right to receive financial and investment advisory service from CAPIS. Should this right be exercised, CAPIS will provide the beneficiary financial/investment advice that will help them make the right choices and decisions as it affects their newly acquired fortune. Our aim is to help the beneficiary set foot on the path of wealth creation and thus achieve sustainable prosperity.

Stable Financial Foundation

Starting out in life as a young adult with liquid asset running into millions is a dream start for any young person. At CAPIS, the desire to give young adults a viable and stable financial foundation is the inspiration behind the KIDS CAPITAL TRUST. The beneficiary to such a Trust has the expansive option to fulfill their dreams and achieve multiple possibilities

Optional Seed Capital Facility

What this means is that a beneficiary who decides to invest the value of their Trust in a business undertaking may receive additional seed capital if their available capital is inadequate. This seed capital is repayable beginning at the end of the third financial year of the business.

Flexible Payment Plan

Besides the convenience of having a one-off enrolment cost, parents can also avail themselves of the convenience of paying the KCT enrolment cost in two, three and four instalments. Your child or ward's KCT account becomes active once payment is completed.

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