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What is KCT?

KCT stands for Kids Capital Trust. It is one of the services offered by Capital Portfolio and Investment Systems (CAPIS) Ltd. It is a service that provides parents/guardians a unique and seamless opportunity to lay a strong financial foundation for their children/wards.
KCT is for children from ages 0 to 7. Any child who is yet to clock 8 years old is qualified to enroll for the service.
The minimum tenor for KCT is 14 years while maximum tenure is 21 years. The minimum tenure is for a child that enrolls at age 7 while the maximum tenure is for a child that enrolls at age 0.
The final value of the KCT at maturity differs depending on the class that was subscribed to. In either case, the beneficiary is guaranteed a multi-million naira fund at maturity. For an accurate final value amount see our Growth Rate and Final Value Calculator.
The service does not come with any additional financial burden after the initial enrollment fee is paid.
Our word is our bond. Every child enrolled for this service is guaranteed a multi-million naira fund at the maturity of the KCT.
The terms and conditions for this service captures all you need to know about the service. There is no other policy or condition aside that which is contained in the KCT Terms and Conditions of service.
The service comes with a free health insurance plan for the beneficiary of the service applicable when the KCT has subsisted for fifty percent of its tenor. The child also stand to enjoy financial/investment advice at the maturity of the KCT if she so desire. The child can also have access to additional seed capital from CAPIS if she decides to invest her funds in a business venture that require more than the final value of her KCT. The additional seed capital will however be repayable after 3 years.
In the unfortunate event of the child's death, the parent/guardian will receive the full value of the KCT at its maturity. The KCT is not transferable to another child.
The fund is for the child and not for his/her parent or guardian. The child is expected to take over control of their KCT account once she turns 18. At 18, the child will be requested to upload her current picture and update any other relevant information apart from her Date of Birth. On her 21st birthday, CAPIS will send the child a birthday greeting and invite the child to come for the fund.
The child will access the fund at maturity but there will be need for a physical verification of the beneficiary's identity to avoid any foul play.
The value of the KCT will be paid in full at the maturity of the KCT.
You can use our Growth Rate and Final Value Calculator to determine your child or ward's final value. The calculator can be found on our website.