Agency Program

Commission Agency Program (CAP)

...share and earn instant payment commissions

CAPIS' Commission Agency program, CAP, is open to Nigerians that are ready to make additional and extra income. It is also designed to assist job seekers engage in a task that can actually generate passive income for them, thereby keeping them afloat.

What to do?

Interested agent-to-be should visit the CAPIS website (, click on the "Agents" menu, select the "Join CAP" submenu, and fill-out the CAP enrolment form. The Agent's ID will be created and assigned to the agent immediately. The agent can get started immediately.

How it works?

Being a CAP agent is as simple as creating awareness, promoting, and guiding people on how to join and follow through to enjoy the benefits of being an enrollee of any of the CAPIS Service Platforms (the Kids Capital Trust - KCT, the Venture Capital Fund Program - VCFP, or the CAPIS Commonwealth Card - 3C).

To accomplish this, copy and use your agent link displayed below in your interface on your social network (facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, whatsapp, 2go, etc) profile or comment box to share, promote, invite, and guide people in your network to join any of the CAPIS Services.

When potential enrollees click this link to the CAPIS portal and signup, they are automatically tied to your agent account; and whenever they subscribe and pay, the CAPIS Automation Engine will recognize you as the agent that referred them and pay you the commission for their subscription immediately with email and SMS message confirmations.

Registered agents with sign in credentials can access their personalized agent interface, where they can view performance status, CAP agent commission, agent bank payment list and commission history.

What is my earning as an agent?

You are the sole determinant of what your earning can be. Though our agent commission amount is a fixed price but it varies from one CAPIS product to another. Commission as offered by CAPIS is based on executive agreement.

Can Agent negotiate Commission?

Agent commission cannot be negotiated. It is a flat amount that is product dependent and has been configured by default.

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