Angel Investor Service

Our Angel Investor Service


As Angel investor or seed investor, CAPIS provides capital for business startup, usually in exchange for convertible debts or ownership equity.

Our function as Angel Investors enables us to pick up a proposed business idea or model, research and develop it and provide the totality of seed funding needed to execute it. As angel investors we are interested in new and disruptive ideas or fledging companies.

When individuals or companies with low credit rating but high growth potential and investable ideas seek us out as seed investor, they stand a very good chance of fulfilling their dreams of bringing their business ideas to fruition. We don't just provide the required funding we also infuse quality management and technical capacity to ensure the success of the invested idea. Our function as angel investors is born out of our belief in compassionate capitalism and market socialism. If you have an innovative business idea you believe can make a difference, solve a problem, create more jobs and lead to the overall betterment of society visit our CONTACT US page and book an appointment with one of our investment managers. To fulfill your dream and vision you must first take action.