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Venture Capital Fund Program (VCFP®)

...your pathway to sustainable prosperity

CAPIS Venture Capital Fund Program (VCFP®) gives prospective and existing entrepreneurs a unique opportunity and leverage to start and grow their business. It offers subscribers requisite entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship social network platform, business growth and development services, seed funding, Premium Partnership, Super Pact and life-time financial and investment advisory service.


There are no reasons why anyone would not want to be an entrepreneur. The benefits are enormous and positively life changing. Besides living the life of your dreams, it is a sure path to attaining financial freedom. It gives you the ability not only to create wealth for yourself but also for generations to come. It empowers you with the ability to provide solutions to societal problems and needs in the form of products and services.

Attaining financial freedom frees you from the nightmares of retirement without adequate pension. There is no truer path to financial freedom than owning your own business. At CAPIS we don't just provide you with the means to become a business owner and an employer of labour; we also instill in you the capacity to succeed. A combination of our international standard entrepreneurial training sessions and our Entrepreneurship Social Network (ESN) platform, which enable the establishment of business synergies and partnership, prepares you for excellence as a successful entrepreneur.

Features of the VCFP

  • Entrepreneurship capacity building
  • Fund secured through low risk investment
  • Entrepreneurship Social Network (ESN)
  • Premium Partnership to increase your start-up capital up to Ten Million Naira
  • Lifetime Free financial and investment advisory service
  • Possible Series A (expansion) capital

Entrepreneurship Capacity Building

An essential feature of the VCFP is the periodic entrepreneurship capacity building sessions. These sessions provide meaningful and practical instructions on how to build an entrepreneurial business, using proven systems and corporate governance structures. These capacity building sessions can be attended onsite or online. Enrollees can also download resource materials for offline study.

Personal Start-Up Capital of One Million Naira to Start Your Own Business

The VCFP offers each enrollee up to One Million Naira in seed capital to start their own business. CAPIS Venture Capital Department (VCD) will facilitate the entire start-up process, including business registration, recruitment, business account opening and right up to the commencement of operations. We don't just provide capital; we make sure you succeed.

Entrepreneurship Social Network (ESN)

Our ESN offers VCFP enrollees a platform for social interaction towards building strong and lasting business synergies.

Premium Partnership and Super Pact

Both options offer enrollees the opportunity to create business partnerships and increase seed capital up to fifty million naira.

Lifetime Free financial and investment advisory service

With CAPIS VCFP you will never walk alone. Our Venture Capital Department offers CAPIS entrepreneurs free financial and investment advisory service for life.

Possible Series A (expansion) Capital

Every business ultimately needs expansion capital. CAPIS entrepreneurs who perform optimally can access expansion capital facilitated by us.


Anyone age 13 and above is qualified to subscribe to the VCFP. The following categories of persons stand to benefit maximally from subscribing to this service. They are secondary school students, undergraduates, graduates, apprentices and trainees.


All students desire to achieve financial success upon completion of their education. They have beautiful dreams of securing well-paying jobs, owning a posh car, living in a beautiful home, getting married and settling down to life. However, today's economic reality and perennial unemployment situation often place a dent in their once beautiful dreams. Today, we have millions of unemployed graduates roaming the streets. They are faced with the twin forlorn challenges of not being able to get a job and not being able to start their own business because of lack of start-up capital. This is their story; it doesn't have to be yours.

Students who subscribe to our VCFP service today invariably secures their tomorrow. You can be assured that whatever the future holds, promising or not, success, for you, is guaranteed. Whether you are able to find that elusive well-paying job or not being subscribed to the VCFP gives you an immediate safety net whenever you need to access professional support in creating your own business, becoming part of a business and such other wealth creating opportunities. The essence of planning is to ensure a smoother tomorrow. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Give yourself or your child a fair chance to succeed; subscribe to our Venture Capital Fund Program today.


All undergraduates cannot wait for when they will graduate and begin earning their own money upon securing that dream job. They often crave the security of paid employment and the euphoria of payday. Alas! reality is often a far cry from these dreams. When young people plan their future based on expectations they have no control over, they unwittingly prepare themselves for possible disappointment and failure. Our plans ought to be based on deliberate steps and actions that will bring about an assured outcome. Subscribing to our VCFP guarantees that your financial future will be bright. The fee is a token. The platform is an oasis of fantastic opportunities. Do the needful, subscribe today!


Every graduate is either seeking for employment or seeking to create employment. If you are seeking for employment chances are you will end up needing to create employment both for yourself and for others as a result of our ever burgeoning unemployment situation. Individuals who will end up being successful anticipate situations like this and are prepared for it. Your instinct to leverage on our retail venture capital service today could be the difference between the ease and difficulty with which you attain your financial goals tomorrow. You know the benefits; subscribe today!


Deborah has spent the last six years training and serving under her Madam as a hair stylist/beautician. Four of those years were for her informal training while the other two she spent serving her madam because she didn't have the means to venture out on her own. Because what she earns for serving her madam was a mere stipend she has been unable to save or set aside any money as start-up capital. Her situation seems hopeless. Without any rich family member or friends to help her she is caught between the rock and a hard place.

This is the story of a million and one apprentices and trainees across the country. Every year tens of thousands of apprentices in the fields of Mechanic, Welding, Hair Saloon Operators, Tailoring, etc, are left despondent for lack of start-up capital to launch their own practice. Don't let this be your case. As you set out to train in one informal skill or the other spare a token and subscribe to our VCFP today. You can secure your future; subscribe today!


Yes, you! The VCFP is not only for the above categories. Because we provide start-up and expansion capital for both prospective and existing small business owners, anyone can benefit from this service. Remember, we don't just provide funding only. Ours is a full bouquet of financial advisory services and an entrepreneurial social network platform that promotes business synergies between individuals who complement one another.

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