Here are some of frequently asked questions on CAPIS' Venture Capital Fund Program (VCFP®). If you still have areas regarding any of our services you would like clarification, feel free to push the "Ask Question" button to send us a message.

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Who is qualified to subscribe?

The VCFP is open to everyone especially aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone who is into one form of business or the other and need start-up (seed fund) or expansion capital.
To subscribe, fill out the subscription form. Complete your free subscription or upgrade to premium subscription by making payment via our online payment platform using any one of Visa, Verve or MasterCard debit cards. Or simply visit any of our offices. For our branch addresses, please, use the branch locator.
If you have correctly completed the subscription form and submitted it you will receive an email/SMS informing you that your subscription was successful.
There is a five year moratorium period between the subscription date and qualification date. Visit your profile page to see your date of qualification.
Over the course of the five year moratorium period subscribers receive training in financial management, personal development and business management. These trainings are received through periodic onsite and online seminars. Visit your profile page to download entrepreneurship resource materials to study at your convenience.
Your chance of receiving start-up capital is a hundred percent. Five years is all that stands between you and your dream business.
No. Subsequent subscription by the same subscriber will be rejected.
An Investment Advisor is a professional investment advisor attached to individual subscriber/enrollee. An Investment Advisor acts as a counselor and guide as you journey through the entrepreneurial world. An Investment Advisor assist you through the start-up phase until you can stand on your own feet.
Premium Partnership is a registration option where two or more individual (not more than ten) subscribers merge their registration to maximize the total value of their seed fund.
After successfully completing your individual registration, go to your profile page and click on create premium partnership. Select the names of those you wish to enter into premium partnership with and click on the invite button. Note that to successfully create a premium partnership profile is dependent on the acceptance of one or more of the other prospective partners.
Premium Partnership qualifying date is set to the date of the last qualifying subscriber in the partnership. In order words all of the partners must be qualified before the partnership can invoke their seeding funding entitlement.
Absolutely! The essence of Premium Partnership is to pull resources for a common business goal. Without having a common business objective this essence is ultimately defeated.
Super Pact is a registration option where a minimum of eleven and a maximum of fifty subscribers merge their registration to maximize their seed capital for a common business purpose.
It takes a minimum of eleven subscribers and a maximum of fifty subscribers to form a Super Pact
Yes! The people forming a Super Pact must have the same business idea. This will enable them to pull together their seed capital towards achieving the idea.
The qualification date for seed capital of the Super Pact members is set to the date of the last qualifying subscriber of the Pact.
A qualified subscriber or prospective entrepreneur shall submit their business plan at the point of applying for seed fund (venture capital). Note that the Venture Capital Department (VCD) is there to assist you with development of your business model and all necessary processes that will aid the success of the prospective business.
Having qualified, when you receive venture capital funding is dependent on the following factors. (a) When you apply; (b) Processing and assessment of your business plan by your Investment Advisor; (c) Completion of your requisite training in line with the specific business model of your interest.
Of course, learning how to create a business plan is an aspect of our entrepreneurial training program
Anyone who is 13 years and above is qualified to subscribed. However, people younger than thirteen can subscribe as long as such subscription is done on their behalf by an adult guardian or parent.
All you need to be a subscriber to the VCFP service is the ability to read and write.